Altura Markets, along with Société Générale, is one of the world’s most active brokers in execution and clearing services of Fixed Income listed derivatives. Altura Markets has direct access to all the important markets worldwide where interest rate futures are traded; our direct access without intermediaries allows us always to offer our clients the best trading conditions and prices.

Altura Markets' trading desk is run by highly experienced specialists in interest rates and currencies, exclusively dedicated to executing operations. This dedication, following and interpretation of market trends, makes them pundits in the Spanish interest rate market.

The desk has access to the main liquidity sources in derivatives for the major interest rate products. This allows us to obtain recurrent balanced prices and tight price ranges for our clients, ensuring confidentiality and execution of transactions even on extremely volatile markets.

Our fixed-rate trading desk has specialist software and can execute complex orders which would not be possible with traditional voice execution.

Our fixed-rate trading desk has specialist software and can execute complex orders which would not be possible with traditional voice execution. Trust in the execution of complex orders and market monitoring carried out by our brokers allows our clients to focus their energy and activities on generating trading ideas and alpha in their portfolios.

Altura Markets’ trading desk works together with our clients to optimise hedge and speculation strategies, helping to execute the best futures or options strategies, anywhere on the planet at any time of the day. Altura Markets is a leader in the Iberian Peninsula of government bond futures and options as well as short-term interest rate (STIR) contracts.

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Government bonds futures and options
The most traded markets and products are as follows:

EUREX (Buxl / Bund / Bobl / Shatz / BTP / OAT / Bono / Conf)
ICE Europe (Gilts / Swapnotes)
ICE Europe (Gilts / Swapnotes)
ASX-SFE (Bonds 3YR / 10YR)
M-X Montreal (Government Bonds)
SGX – Simex (Mini JGB)

Short term interest rate (STIRS) futures and options
The most traded markets and products are as follows:

ICE Europe Euribor / Euroswiss / Short Sterling
CME Eurodollar
CBOT Fed Funds
ASX-SFE 90 Day bankers acceptance
M-X Montreal BAX Short term
TFX Tokio Euroyen

Altura Markets offers its clients access to all underlying equity products, from world stock market indices and sector indices, to all futures and options on shares, dividends and volatility. This privileged position allows us to offer our clients the opportunity to trade any futures with underlying equities from just one point of contact. Our team of specialists has in-depth knowledge about all equity markets and negotiates derivatives transactions in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Oceania, offering truly global coverage.

The large amount of underlying equities and markets available for trading makes it essential to have a broker who is an expert on all markets.

We have in-depth knowledge and experience in equities and equity markets. We also have an international presence which ensures access to the best counterparties, guaranteeing competitive price ranges.

Our wide range of clients has allowed us to gain critical expertise in correctly interpreting market positioning, and enjoy a valuable standpoint on market directions and possible reactions to unexpected news in the stock markets.

Our business model, which is free from conflicts of interest, allows our clients to entrust their orders to us because they know we strive to achieve the best possible execution by putting clients’ interests first.

In addition to screen trading, Altura Markets equity execution desk specializes in finding counterparties for those markets where the screen offers are not competitive. The desk is also particularly skilled to find counterparties for sizeable block trades that the screen market finds difficult to assimilate at competitive prices. All this is performed under the parameters of “best execution” required by the regulators.

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Altura Markets offers access to all the most important currency futures and options markets. This means we can negotiate and execute the majority of the most important currency pairs.

Currency futures have become an undeniable tool in currency risk management for institutional investors and companies. The ample liquidity shown and continuous operations have meant that these contracts have become some of the most traded.  

Our exceptional access to the electronic currency options market on CME has meant that our clients have been able to design highly sophisticated hedges combining put and calls with different maturities and strikes.

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Altura Markets has a team of professionals exclusively dedicated to commodities markets working from Madrid and, as in the case of underlying financial assets, our commodities team understands and relays factors influencing market developments to our clients.

We have the necessary technology to offer a high-quality service executing orders and clearing commodities futures and options contracts.

Altura Markets is currently the sole brokerage firm with a local presence in Spain and a global projection that offers a complete execution and clearing service in commodities derivatives. Our goal is to consolidate our leadership as a benchmark intermediary for commodities in the Iberian Peninsula.

The wide scope of the trading desk ensure that clients’ orders are always monitored by a specialist, so our clients can save time and reduce their operational risk.

Altura Markets works in close cooperation with specialist trading desks at Société Générale in all different classes of assets - agriculture and seed oils, metals, exotics and energy

Our clients come from all areas of the manufacturing and industrial sectors, and we have become an essential partner in managing hedges for our clients’ activities.

These hedging strategies cushion our clients’ P&L accounts by reducing its volatility.

Société Générale is one of the world’s main brokers in the execution and clearing of commodity futures, with a deep understanding of events that drive the markets. It is also keen in giving access to the liquidity needed in order for clients to carry out their trading. Société Générale creates regular reports that have become an essential tool for our corporate clients.

Commodities Desk
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Our customer list includes the world’s leading energy companies, such as electricity companies, producers, traders, investment funds and CTAs. We offer a wide range of clearing solutions and have one of the biggest market quotas in NYMEX, ICE and the Dubai Mercantile Exchange.

Oil Brokerage

We offer an execution service 24 hours a day, and we are experts in the arbitrage of crude and refined products, as well as monitoring time spreads and crack spreads.

Gas, Electricity and Coal

We also offer execution and clearing in the main markets, including ICE, EEX, Powernext, Endex and NOS. We also offer the registration of EFPs and blocks in CME Clearport and ICE markets.

Regarding emissions trading, Altura Markets and Société Générale are the most active brokers on the ECX market and one of the few with access to all the main markets around the globe.


The larguest Spanish broker of cereals and oilseed options and futures. Altura, is a member of the main stock markets where these products are traded with greater liquidity. We have experience and know-how of physical markets, not just in Spain and Portugal but also globally, using cutting edge technology and direct access to the markets.

Individual assistance to provide hedging solutions for physical transactions, using listed futures and options. Fundamental and technical analysis are provided by our team of analysts in Chicago. Trade flows in the strictest confidentiality. In blind markets, where nobody sees who buys or sells. Specialists in executing orders in spreads or arbitrage.

We are pure brokers, without no property trading book, in order to avoid any conflict of interest with our clients. We offer our clients a complete range of products and services, including execution and clearing for listed and OTC products.

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Soya flour Canola CAD Maize
Soya Oil Canola Seed
Maize Canola Oil
Wheat Canola Meal
KC Wheat

Our metals trading desk activities are focused on hedging and better risk management in non-ferrous metals, steel, plastics and precious metals. Our specialists in New York, London and Hong Kong provide risk management 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Altura Markets’ solvency allows us to attract clients who are aware of credit risk and in need of innovative solutions to fund their margins. Altura Markets and Soc. Gen. are Category 1 "Ring Dealer" members of the London Metal Exchange and also clearing members of the New York Stock Exchange.

Apart from executing screen-based futures, we also offer the following services:

• Access to LME select Via ISV
• Direct access to LME official trading pits
• Access to the Bullion precious metals market
• Arbitrage between Comex and LME
• LME Average Prices
• Blocks
• Options
• Inventory Financing

Soft Commodities

Altura offers options and futures on soft commodities such as coffee, cocoa, sugar, cotton and orange juice. We also offer access to derivatives in meat products, biofuels and dairy products.

Seasonal cycles, sensitivity to the weather and rapid changes in supply and demand expose these markets to a high level of volatility which presents opportunities for taking out hedges to minimize market risk or to take on those risks. Our actions result in a deeper market with greater liquidity.

Altura operates with a diverse client base including producers, exporters, manufacturers, cooperatives and trading houses.

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Ethanol Cotton
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